Go-Mode Success Tracker, Inc. ("Go-Mode Tracker") is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains what we can and cannot do with the information we collect about you and what steps you can take to protect that information.


To enable us to provide quality service to you, we may need to keep personal information about you, including information about your health, fitness and related activities, your email address, and for your membership, your credit card number ("Personal Information"). This information will be collected through the Go-Mode Tracker registration on our Web site. In addition, we will collect non-personal information related to your use of our Web site through the Internet (e.g., cookies).


Go-Mode Tracker will de-identify your information and disclose it in combination with others' information in such a way that no one could trace the information back to you directly (i.e. anonymous, aggregated data). This anonymous, aggregated data may be shared with other organizations for research purposes. You are welcome to request the names of such organizations from us.


If you became a member of Go-Mode Tracker through your employer's or a groups participation in one of our programs, then we will supply your employer or the group with the same anonymous, aggregated data mentioned above. Your employer will not be able to trace such information directly back to your identity. Your employer may use this information to provide additional benefits, programs and services.


Your Personal Information will not be sold, divulged, or made available to any third party without your permission except as set forth in this policy or when Go-Mode Tracker has a legal duty to make the information available to a legally authorized party. However, Go-Mode Tracker may sell your de-identified Personal Information to third parties in the form of anonymous, aggregated data. In the event that Go-Mode Tracker is obligated to disclose your Personal Information pursuant to a legal or administrative proceeding, you will be notified of the order requiring such disclosure.


Should you decide to end your Go-Mode Tracker membership, we will de-identify your Personal Information.

Go-Mode Tracker has taken responsible measures to ensure that no unauthorized person can obtain access to your Personal Information. Among the security measures taken are a login process requiring a password and username that you select and a firewall protecting our hosting server. Go-Mode Tracker will retain your password and username as part of your Personal Information, but will not share this information with anyone. Please be advised that you are responsible for keeping your password and username confidential and secure from unauthorized persons.


You give permission that if there is a change of ownership of Go-Mode Tracker in the future, your Personal Information can be transferred to the new owner, provided that the new owner will not, in any way, limit your rights and obligations regarding the information as set out in this Privacy Policy, to the extent such information has been collected in such transfer.