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Self Monitoring: GMST


This is the most basic level of the GMST.  This section is designed for people who are very self-disciplined or don’t feel the need to have someone monitoring their progress on the Tracker.  The information that follows will assist you in setting up your Tracker and also making its use as productive as possible. Please feel free to contact us or check the forums if you have any questions. If you feel you could get better results with a small amount of oversight, you can just ask a friend or relative to monitor your page. Should you decide you would like one of our certified consultants to monitor you please let us know and we’ll be happy to arrange that for you.


*Before attempting to set up your Interactive Calendar, make sure to read the section “Tips for Calendar Setup”.



Filling in Your Calendar Tasks:


Step 1:  Identify the 2 or 3 areas of your life you would most like to make improvements in.


Regardless of how many areas there may be, pick only the 2 or 3 that are your top priority.


Example: Improve health, lose weight, improve relationships, quit smoking, learn to dance, increase income etc. are all great examples of items to include.


Step 2:  Make a list of daily behaviors that would be most effective in achieving results for the items.


Example: If you want to lose weight- healthy eating and exercise would be 2 excellent behaviors to list.


Step 3:  Pick up to 5 of the most effective daily behaviors that will assist you in reaching your top priority goals


Step 4:  Choose a starting point or amount for each of these items.


*Hint: Make the starting point very easy and then slowly increment.


Step 5:  Enter both the daily behavior and the amount one of the 6 data boxes in the calendar pop-op section of the Interactive calendar.



Executing your calendar tasks:


Step 1: Make a firm commitment to give your very best effort to complete every item on the daily list each day.


Step 2:  Without fail fill out the calendar each day, checking completed items.


Daily Run (1/2 mile)- Y

Drink Water (3 glasses)- Y

Only smoke 2 cigarettes- N

Make 2 extra sales calls- Y

Meditate- Y


The tallies for the Day and for the Week will register automatically.


Try to keep your score as high as possible and aim for Progress not Perfection!.

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