Go-Mode Success Tracker:


The "Tracker" is a web-based App that acts like a "Virtual Coach" to help you stay; Focused, Accountable and consistently taking the Sustainable Action necessary to get results.


The Go-Mode Tracker can be used as a stand-alone product or along with one of our custom designed programs. It will be effective in helping you achieve your goals in any and all areas of your life.


Below is a list of the individual items that make up the Go-Mode Success Tracker™ along with a brief description:


Mantra/Quote of the day:


The top left hand corner of the G.M.S.T. contains a place to put a mantra or quote. This will be entered in by the user and can be changed as often has he/she desires. A technique I have found to be especially effective is to enter a mantra related to something I am working on and then make it a point to read and repeat it several times each time I access the Tracker App.





While the entire App is sometimes referred to as the “Tracker”, in this case it is referring to the 2nd section from the top on the left side of the webpage.


Weight loss, money saved, number of accounts/clients etc. are great examples for this section. Anything that you can quantify over time and want to keep track of is suitable. Once you enter the item, put your current status and the goal you want to achieve. Then everyday when you access your G.M.S.T. you will be aware of these specific goals and your current status- very helpful in keeping you focused and accountable.



Short-Term Goals:



Directly below the Tracker is a section for short-term goals. Here you will enter in items you want to achieve in the short term, let’s say within the next 1 week to 3 months or so. Put some thought into this and try to get items that will help lead you to your Long-Term goals, which will be listed in the section to follow. The short-term goals section is one that should see a fair amount of activity. As these goals are reached, new ones should be inserted. It should also be a very flexible section that mirrors what’s going on in your life. 


During our beta-testing we came up with a very effective strategy to use with the short-term goals section. It is to put a date after the listed item by which time that item would have to be completed. So if the listed item was to clean out the garage, the date of 11/23 would be listed after it. That would be the deadline by which time it would have to be done. An added hint is to be very generous with the end date, give some buffer time.


The buffer time keeps the mind from feeling under pressure and going into procrastination mode. With a date that is 10 days or 2 weeks out for a relatively simple task the mind has time to gradually get comfortable with doing it and gets used to the idea without pressure. This reduces resistance tremendously and the item usually winds up getting done pretty easily and well before the expiration date associated with it.



Long-Term Goals:


Just like in Short-Term goals, give it some thought and put down Long-Term goals that are important to you. These could be life-long and career type goals or major things you want to accomplish. Buying a house, getting a degree, getting married, writing a book etc. are all good examples of Long-Term goals. Every day that you log on to your “Tracker” page, give a quick glance to this section. Once in a while let your attention linger a bit and focus on and visualize these long-term items coming to fruition and what it will be like for you to experience them complete. As always, adjust the items in this section as they are achieved or if your desire for them changes.



Past Accomplishments:


This is the top section of the right side. We all get down every now and then and doubt our abilities. This section is designed to provide a daily reminder of times in the past when you have achieved something noteworthy, conquered a fear or made a big accomplishment. By seeing this when you have some doubts or uncertainty, it can help remind you of great stuff you have done in the past and give you motivation and confidence to press on. If you were able to do great stuff before, why wouldn’t you be able to do it again, right?. So in this section list 2-4 things you have accomplished that surprised you or you felt were notable.





This section is directly below Past Accomplishments and is for you to put up photos and pictures of the things you want to achieve or acquire. If you want to lose weight, you can put a picture of someone with a body like you desire. If you want a certain car, you can put a picture of the car you would like to have. Visualization is extremely powerful and seeing the things you desire on a daily basis will go a long way to having them become a part of your reality.



Recommended Material:


This is the bottom section on the right side of the webpage. Depending on the edition of your Tracker App, this will likely be the only section that you don’t edit yourself. In this section our staff will put in recommended works by various experts in the fields of personal development, health, wellness and productivity that we believe will be especially helpful. It will provide direct links to those works should any of them be of interest to you.



Interactive Calendar:


This section is a calendar directly in the middle and is the “meat and potatoes” of the Go-Mode Tracker App. It has been customized to allow the user to create and follow the program described in Chapter Four of the book; "Go-Mode and the End of  Mediocrity". Directions to use the Interactive Calendar are also available in the "Self Monitoring" instructions which are included with each membership package.


In a pop-up box on the calendar the user will enter in the items they are committed to doing daily and pick a time period for which they pledge to accomplish those tasks. At the end of the day they will enter a “Y” for Yes or an “N” for No that corresponds to whether they successfully completed of each of the various tasks or not. They will then add up all the “Y” marks listed and put that total into the “Overall” section for the day.


The box containing the individual items and remarks will collapse but the Overall score will stay present for each day. This makes viewing the status on the calendar very easy. Whether the user is self-tracking or has a friend or Certified Go-Mode Tracker Consultant helping them, it allows the user’s status to be quickly assessed and commented on accordingly. This leads to a substantial increase in both focus and accountability.



Daily E-mail Notification:


Another important feature of the G.M.S.T. that assists in our goal of providing focus, accountability and sustainable effort is the daily e-mail notification. Very early each morning an e-mail is sent to the user wishing them a “Good Morning” and reminding them to go to their “Go-Mode Success Tracker”. This message will usually be one of the first things they see when they open their e-mail inbox in the morning, thereby making it hard for them to forget or overlook their Tracker.


Don’t worry, this feature is optional. Once the habit of going to the Tracker is firmly established or if it gets annoying the notification feature can easily be turned off.





The fact that the Go-Mode Success Tracker™ is web-based provides several important benefits. It can be easily accessed from anywhere with web-service. It allows friends or Certified Go-Mode Tracker Consultants to easily monitor and “Track” any user who desires extra oversight to keep them focused and accountable.